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Participants about to self-select breakout spaces

Breakout sessions should be able to be created in such a way that a participant can enter sessions as there own choosing aka

Ask Fred about Subject A

Ask Jane about Subject B

Ask Joan about Subject C

This would allow webex meetings to emulate a poster session at a conference.

At the moment we can only see how to add a participant to a session nominated by the host/co-host which restricts webex meeitngs being able to used for virtual conference emulation.

  • Nigel Barling
  • Sep 8 2020
  • Future consideration
  • Guest commented
    20 Sep, 2020 09:09pm

    Yes, I created a post on this. This functionality is a key component of Training platform but does not exist in Meetings. This places incredible logistical challenges to the meeting host and the ability to have a smooth and productive meeting with breakouts. Also, in Training, we are able to give attendees ability to create their own breakout sessions as well.

    The workaround I came up with is a scary one. You can make all attendees a cohost and then they can freely move about into any Breakout Session. But they can now end all breakouts with one click and end the meeting as well!

    We need something in between PLEASE!!!! We really just need to integrate the Breakout options from Training into Meetings and that totally solves the issue.