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Site administrators can help to delete unnecessary data from "My Documents file storage limit".

Currently once cu updates files to Webex Training,Webex Events (classic),

Webex Support,Webinar,they need to login to site and delete the files from Upload.

> take event (classic)as an example,they need to follow below steps to delete the files.


1,login to the site and click schedule page.

2,go to "Event Materia" and click "Upload" button.


Cu can delete the unnecessary data by themselves at anytime.


1,If they have multiple hots in the site, they need to ask all of them to do the same action.Though TAC can provide the process for this, they also will face lots of differnet problems during taking actions.

2,Also if they don't take any actions, they will face "My Documents file storage limit" overage and can't upload the files anymore.(Though Control Hub shows up the overage number but no instruction about this,so cu can't read this clearly)

3,Past next Much,we suggest cu to use Webinar instead of Events (classic),if cu just has meeting and Events (classic) licenses.They will face the worst problem like: cu doesn't use Events (classic) anymore and they can't delete the unnecessary data.


1,Allow site administrator to delete unnecessary data(uploaded from Webinar ) all together from Control Hub.

2,Allow per user to delete unnecessary data from site (like:from Completed button of Calendar).

As next Much will come soon,lots of Japanese Customers are worring about this issue and waiting for our prompt actions for this.

Hope you guys can pay an attention for this.

  • Xiaoli Liu
  • Nov 7 2022
  • Erin Gentry commented
    28 Nov, 2022 03:38pm

    5/3 Bank and Accenture both just started utilizing webinars. There is a ton of potential for growth here but they won't like hitting this storage limit and I anticipate it will be a blocker for growth.

  • Allison Shauger commented
    28 Nov, 2022 03:35pm

    Ford Motor Company needs this feature. When a large customer has many users using Webinars and taking advantage of practice session features such as background image and MP3 music files, the file storage hits the max/default 2000MB file storage capacity very quickly. The end-user ultimately cannot use the practice session features until the capacity for file storage is raised via provisioning request by the CSM. To my knowledge, there is no way for admins or end-users to delete unnecessary files stored to free up the space. This renders the practice session features useless.

  • Jon Kelvin commented
    9 Nov, 2022 12:54pm