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Webex Meeting link in Teams should be configurable where to open

Please don't lock the user to Teams when it doesn't have the same features. Currently there is no copy URL function so when someone sends you message to join a personal room it is pain in the *ss.

EDIT. I see the copy URL / Link is finally implemented. Use case described in comment.

  • Niclas Sandstroem
  • Sep 9 2020
  • Need more info
  • Sep 11, 2020

    Admin response

    Can you describe use case here?

  • Niclas Sandstroem commented
    11 Sep, 2020 03:29pm
    1. Use Webex Teams

    2. Have colleague start Webex Meeting and copy URL into space for multiple to join.

    3. User click URL and will be forced to join by Teams.

    4. Teams is not a mature product compared to Webex Meetings.

    5. Copy URL in Webex Teams is like playing go fish. The UI is not smooth.

    6. User doesn't recommend Webex Teams to other people.

    7. Cisco revenue goes down.

    8. Cisco shareholder gets unhappy.