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sending message enable/disable setting with Enter key on Webex App

In Webex App ,

Enter key is the he action for sending message.

Shift + Enter key add New Line in Message.

IME ( input method editor ) is used for message input in Asian region.

See : IME - Wiki (

IME select a local character conversion. and it comfirm by Enter key.

Because of this behavior, the enter key often used in Asia.

In this causes, the user interface for sending a message with the Enter key often sends a message by mistake.

If possible, We hope that Webex App setting add the enable/disable setting for sending messages with the Enter key.

I was shown the specifications for Slack and Microsoft Teams in the below.


Slack have the best solutions.

It is possible to switch the key for sending message depending on the setting.

(See : Attached SlackSetting.png)

Microsft Teams

It has the same specifications as Webex App.

but, The message list is expanded with the picA button(See: Attached MicrosoftTeams-1.png).

In this case, The enter key only add new line in message.

Only picB button(See: Attached MicrosoftTeams-2.png) will send the message.

The best solution is the Slack setup.

and the specifications for Microsfot Teams almost be specifications that users in the Asian region can satisfy.

  • Liankui Li
  • Nov 15 2022