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Enable a chat that actually supports mass communication

1992 IRC protocol was launched. Commercially the only product close to that is Slack. Why? It allows you to easily track active discussion with high amount of users in a space.

Please consider making improvements to Webex Teams to allow same. If 20 people message a channel at the same time it shouldn't be hard to track. But with your current design it is hard to track 3 people in same space.

Please see comment for the problem statement.

  • Niclas Sandstroem
  • Sep 11 2020
  • Need more info
  • Sep 14, 2020

    Admin response

    Can you explain what the problem is and what the ask is please?

  • Niclas Sandstroem commented
    14 Sep, 2020 09:51am

    Hi! With 1920x1080 resolution it only fits 4-7 messages per space. Companies are of various sizes and I can imagine yours as well. If 50 people actively discuss how to track or backtrack if this is the limit? No options to change font or compactness of the space as well. You can look in Slack how it handles mass comms or preferably IRC. What does your global operations use for Cisco support for example?