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API join link to support mobile devices

Currently the API does not work with mobile devices. You can enter the join link in a mobile browser, but it will still try to redirect you to the Webex app. The same join meeting link that this API generates will work in a Desktop PC's browser.

The request is to add support for direct join on mobile devices using the link the API generates.

The old XML API and events was capable of this, the new REST API with Webinars does not support this, so this is a feature gap.

  • Janos Benyovszki
  • Nov 16 2022
  • Planned
  • cancan kang commented
    2 Mar, 2023 05:29am

    Our students through the student area of our website.

    When they click the button to enter the classroom on our website with their iPad/iPhone.

    Normally, it will jump from the RESTful API to the APP first,and allow students to directly join the assigned conference room,but the current students are unable to join the webinar meeting as scheduled,A window screen will appear on the APP asking to enter the conference password.

    When trying to enter the correct meeting number, you receive the error message: "The meeting number is incorrect, please try again."

    At that time, our engineers found that webinar could not use our RESTful API when using mobile devices.

    So that when our students jump to the API through our website, they cannot join the meeting directly after linking with the API.

    And jump out of the situation where you need to enter the meeting password.

  • Admin
    Ralf Schiffert commented
    28 Feb, 2023 03:26pm

    We looked more closely into this feature as we are preparing to execute on it. The current join link does work, but the user needs to provide the password for the meeting. This is the sticky point, right? That the user does not have the password handy when they use the link and it's awkward on mobile to input.

    From the description it is not completely clear what is desired. It reads as if you want the meeting to run in the browser window. Is this the sticky point and not the password?

  • Admin
    Ralf Schiffert commented
    22 Feb, 2023 03:08pm

    This is being worked on currently and should be available 43.5 or 43.6.

  • David O'Brien commented
    22 Feb, 2023 06:30am

    This should be a very high priority for WebEx! It is a very large and significant feature gap.

  • cancan kang commented
    19 Dec, 2022 04:44am

    Please join the API

  • IT_service IT_service commented
    17 Nov, 2022 10:14am

    We hope that Webinars can join the API, so that our customers can use our website to enter Webinars without entering all the information of the meeting, just like we used Events before without entering any customer information and hope to be able to use mobile devices

  • IT_service IT_service commented
    17 Nov, 2022 10:12am

    Please join the API