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N-Way Conference Participant Join Enhancement for Webex for BW.

When an n-way conference call is disconnected by the Webex for BW user, the conference is torn down by the Webex client and all the remote parties are dropped. It is desirable for many customers to be given the ability to drop from the n-way conference and leave it in tact for the rest of the participants. This behavior was supported by the Legacy UC-One collaborate solution and it is jarring for customers who relied on that behavior to have to change when migrated to Webex for BW. Unfortunately Webex for BW provides no mechanism to enable this functionality.

  • Adam Baird
  • Nov 16 2022
  • Will not implement
  • William Jarema commented
    14 Dec, 2022 08:17pm

    This is a critical feature for many of our customer use cases. Agents typically conference in another agent then drop out of the conference leaving the end customer being handled appropriately. This worked previously with our UC-One solution since conferencing was anchored to UVS and the conference initiator could drop off the call. Now, migrated to using Webex for BroadWorks, the agent can no longer conduct their business process seamlessly for their end customers (as they've done for years with UC-One.)

    Please consider this feature request as it is deeply affecting end user business processes.