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SMS/MMS messaging via Teams

As a company that uses Broadsoft integrated with Webex, it would be very beneficial to add SMS/MMS abilities within the app so that users don't have to rely upon and share their cell phone numbers with customers that prefer to communicate in this manner. We have many customers that are asking for this feature and seeing as we can just enable SMS with the carrier, it would be great if there was a tab within Webex that could be utilized to facilitate this. It appears that Zoom is capable of this and we would like to provide the same for our customers.

  • Guest
  • Nov 18 2022
  • Future consideration
  • Guest commented
    25 Mar 09:53pm

    Is this ever going to be implemented?

    Why are other softphones capable of this feature, RingCentral, 8x8, etc. yet one of the largest companies in the world (Cisco) is not?

  • Guest commented
    14 Sep, 2023 08:25pm

    WebEx, you're absolutely terrible. Anyone who is receiving a notification from my comment, I would ask you kindly visit my new idea to backtrack the efforts of these overcomplicated solutions they continue to force-feed us without purpose.

  • Guest commented
    4 May, 2023 03:42pm

    Has there been any changes to this for Webex for Broadworks? It'd be nice to have this basic feature for our customers.

  • Guest commented
    20 Feb, 2023 10:51pm

    Any change on this? How do we make this happen for Webex Broadwork?. If no change, why? What is the reason that a feature, that Webex is obviously capable of, is being denied to certain users based on how they access Webex?

  • Seongho Hong commented
    22 Nov, 2022 01:08am

    Hi, I have assinged this request to the right product team. I made my ealier comment not realizing this ask is for Webex for BroadWorks. I have deleted my comment for the feature's available for Webex Calling.

  • Yitzchok commented
    22 Nov, 2022 12:45am
    This request is for Webex Broadworks and it's currently not planned.
  • Guest commented
    21 Nov, 2022 09:51pm

    Yet another post on something so absolutely simple and critical, it is shameful that Cisco did not make this priority #2 behind calling... This enterprise focus on an all-in-one app for all of your collaboration needs is debilitating. Phone providers don't all want to be part of this unified messaging garbage, some of us would have just preferred a basic app that emulated the physical desk phone with the add-on of texting; the only additional feature anyone was asking for is video calls, which should always - ALWAYS (see also: always) - be tertiary to the basic talk and text...

    Cisco... What say you!? At the moment, I don't believe any Cisco employee monitors the idea boards... prove me wrong, I triple dog dare you.