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Desk Pro - Replacement Touch Interface for Room Kit Pro

A lot of classrooms make use of "Smart" podium set-ups and in a lot of our spaces, we have Cisco Video endpoints.

As we look towards the future, being able to simplify the technologies for users, and the integration as well, being able to take the power of a Desk Pro and a Room Kit Pro in tandem would be marvelous!

Companion Mode may bring us some functionality, but what would ultimately be better, is to to replace the Touch Panel in the space with the Desk Pro and connect them directly. Having a 1 gigabit connection between the 2 systems for data transmission.

  • Connect the Desk Pro directly to the CODEC Pro into its link local network

  • The Desk Pro now assumes the role of the Touch Panel in the space.

  • The Desk Pro's Camera would now be a selectable camera source in the space, in addition to the other cameras connected to the CODEC Pro

  • The Desk Pro's Microphones can be sent to the pro as an additional input and be routable in the Audio Console for speech reinforcement.

  • The Desks pros video input, would be available to the Room Kit Pro as a sharing Source

  • The Desk Pro's Video Output could be for Dual Display set-ups or an additional output for a Teacher to see a remote audience

  • Whiteboard and annotation features would be available to use on a Room Kit Pro

  • USB Touch Re-direct would allow a teacher to use other tools from their device on this interface as well

  • The room kit Pro would serve as the main room system and the Desk pro would be a really awesome peripheral

I understand this would be ambitious, as it was probably not on the roadmap, but this could be a simple and scalable, Classroom of the Future.

  • robert mcgonigle jr
  • Sep 18 2020
  • Will not implement
  • Zacharie Gignac commented
    18 Sep, 2020 02:32pm

    This idea is awesome.

    If this becomes a real feature, to able to adjust the desk pro stand so that it's nearly lying flat on a surface for staff and faculty to write more comfortably would be great too. The current stand does not lower as much as I had hoped.

  • +2