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CUCM Self Care Portal Verbiage

Problem Description:

By default, the CUCM Self Care portal, on the Phone Services PIN change/reset page, instructions state that the PIN requires "a minimum of 1 to 128 characters". Within CUCM, an administrator can change the credential policy to where the number of characters required is more than 1. When the number of submitted characters is less than the required amount per the configured credential policy, the user receives the following error message: “Length of the PIN is less than what the administrator has mandated. Please try with longer PIN, or contact the administrator to get the minimum required length." The text regarding "a minimum of 1 to 128 characters" causes confusion with users about the appropriate number of characters that are required when they change/reset their PIN using the Self Care portal.

Enhancement Request:


  1. Add code to the CUCM Self Care PIN Change page to update the minimum number of characters required to the amount configured in the applicable credential policy.

B. Delete the instructive text about 1 character minimum. Optionally, replace it with alternate generic text such as, for example, "A PIN is required. This field cannot be empty.".

  • Bryan Walters
  • Sep 18 2020