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Change lookup behaviour in Expressway

We use F5 for Expressway load-balancing and the respective F5 has its own DNS record. The F5 addres was not included in the CMS certificate at time of deployment. On Expressway X12, Expressway happily resolved the CMS nodes with no Warnings.

Expressway X14 shows an incomplete CMS lookup warning because the CMS certificate doesn't contain the F5's DNS record. This change to lookup behaviour was not documented anywhere by Cisco in the Install and Upgrade guide or Release Notes.

Cisco, understand that there is some onus you have to put on Administrators. If we have an F5 in the middle, that's our business - not yours. If Expressway can ultimately reach the CMS, consider it reachable.

Everything you do related to security causes headaches for people and it's made even worse when you don't tell people what you're changing.

Remove this lookup behaviour in the next release of Expressway.

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  • Nov 30 2022