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Allow Bulk Update to Camera and Frames option using Control Hub

Frames can only be enabled one device at a time. An option to set Frames as a default configuration item or to activate via template would be helpful.

Regarding the commands:

xConfiguration Cameras SpeakerTrack Frames Mode: Auto

xCommand Cameras SpeakerTrack Frames Activate

Commands worked on cloud registered devices but not on devices linked to cloud with WEbex edge (not registered directly to cloud).

Hybrid devices accept the first command to enable frames mode, but the second does not activate the feature.

From Control Hub> Devices selected a Cisco Webex Room Kit Plus, selected All configurations> Cameras> Speaker Track, the Frames is not an option.

From research, the devices can be updated in bulk selecting the "All configurations" wizard, however the frames option requested is not available, this is configured locally for devices.

So this option is not yet available from Control Hub for remote provisioning to devices either registered to the Webex Organization or linked to one Workspace.

The below documentation explains how to apply bulk configuration to devices and what options are supported of configuration for devices:

Configuration templates for Webex devices

Device configurations for Board, Desk, and Room Series devices

Bulk device configurations from Control Hub,-Desk,-and-Room-Series-devices#Cisco_Task.dita_6bc57781-73d0-4375-8e02-9da887ce5f50

The section 'Configurations for Webex registered devices' does not include 'Cameras'.

The section 'Configurations for devices linked with Webex Edge for Devices' does not include 'Cameras'

  • Saad Ali
  • Dec 1 2022