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Devices for "Webex for Education" ?

Cisco recently presented "Webex for Education".

How about optimized devices for teachers?

Things like:

  • a small "edu-room-device" with 2 Cams:
    1 pointing forward showing the teacher, following him/her in the Room.
    1 pointing downwards, showing the Desk, when the teachers hands show something..
    perhaps with a proximity-sensor that automatically switches between those cams?

  • a tripod for this edu-room-Device/s

  • a whiteboard with markers to allow the cam to recognize the board for zooming in (see below) and pens of special colors which are optimized for Camera-recognition.

  • a "whiteboard-plus" that automatically translates the drawn content into a digital webex-whiteboard-content. (Not a touchscreen!)

  • a control-monitor (touchscreen) that also acts as a Webex-Mixing-deck/Control-Station for the teacher. (modified touch-10? to switch between all cameras, microphones etc.. with options to control brightness, contrast, mute etc..

  • a wireless microphone/headset to allow the teacher to move around.
    (imagine: teacher presenting in an empty classroom, all students at home..)

  • a remote-control for basic controls (mute teacher-microphone when coughing, mute all attendees etc.)

  • a speaker which is optimized for speech (to allow the teacher hear the students..)

  • add some intelligence into the Cam-Device, to make it zoom on demand to a certain area on the whiteboard instead of showing the teacher.. often the written stuff is more important than the teacher´s face..

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  • Sep 23 2020
  • Future consideration