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Be able to assign a space or multiple spaces when adding a team member

I've just spoken to a colleague who manages several teams in Webex.

He would like to be able to assign a space or multiple spaces when adding a team member. This becomes stressful when the team contains ex.10 spaces and the team member's are supposed to be added in 9 of these. Furthermore, there was the question of whether it is being planned to be able to define groups of people and then add them to a space. This would be advantageous if e.g.

  1. There are fixed groups of people working on several projects at the same time.

  2. If you now have to add 20 colleagues to a team and then have to push these into 9 areas, that requires over 180 steps. It would be nice if you could define a group of people, add them to a team and then assigned this team to a space.

This colleague is not alone in this regard, there are other colleagues who have requested similar changes.

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  • Dec 13 2022
  • Future consideration