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Add ability to adjust participants volume or normalize volume while in a meeting.

I've searched to see if this has been suggested and my apologies if it has. I'm suggesting that the host has the capabilities to adjust participants mic volume or add a feature that automatically normalizes all participant's audio when joining a meetings. This will help when one person's audio is blasting while another participant is too low.

  • Kim Skelton
  • Sep 24 2020
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  • lim wee lek commented
    5 Sep 04:05am


  • Quinn Grey commented
    7 Aug 03:37pm

    There is no reason free software like Discord has this as a basic function, and something like WebEx doesn't.

  • Alex Stanton commented
    31 Jul 02:21pm

    +1, still nothing on this Cisco, almost 3 yars later????

  • Guest commented
    6 Jun 01:21pm


  • Guest commented
    30 Jun, 2022 10:49pm

    It's absurd how this is not already feature.

  • Guest commented
    31 Mar, 2022 05:41pm


  • Aleksey D commented
    31 Mar, 2022 01:45pm

    does it make sense to post here +1 ?

  • Andy Nelson commented
    3 Mar, 2022 02:29am


  • Gus Carrillo commented
    18 Feb, 2022 04:20pm

    It's a bit of an embarrasment how WEBEX, the big boy of conferencing software, doesn't have this basic feature

  • Guest commented
    3 Feb, 2022 08:38pm

    We need this yesterday!

  • Guest commented
    31 Jan, 2022 04:05pm

    I would find this feature extraordinarily useful

  • Guest commented
    29 Sep, 2021 01:51pm

    This is a basic and needed feature. I cant believe how few votes this has. Its one of the essential features of discord. Please add this in - The ability to adjust individual user volume from your own perspective.

  • Valentín Mattes commented
    8 Sep, 2021 01:17pm

    Absolutely! It would be really helpful.

  • Guest commented
    2 Sep, 2021 08:26pm

    The absence of this option is murdering my ears at this very moment.

  • Guest commented
    2 Sep, 2021 08:23pm

    +1 -- full normalization would be great.

    Beyond that -- or maybe instead of or in addition to that ... It also would be nice to have a slider that shows up on hover or inn a context menu that you can pin to a participant's view. If it's adjusted to a value other than the default, it stays pinned to show that you have altered their volume. But I'm guessing that the audio streams are pre-mixed before they are sent to each participant, so per-participant options may not be possible.

    Even allowing the host to do this centrally would be great though.

  • Guest commented
    26 Aug, 2021 05:49pm


  • Zehra Naseem commented
    22 Jul, 2021 01:42am


  • Guest commented
    16 Jul, 2021 05:53pm


  • Guest commented
    15 Jul, 2021 12:12am

    Yes Please. - Automatic audio normalisation.
    As far as I'm concerned, this could be a permanent fix (ie not an "option").
    Everyone concerned just wants to be heard. Nobody is aware of downstream audio settings. For Webex to "normalise" volume would be a huge boon.

    A decent car stereo already does that automatically when switching audio sources(eg ipod to radio to bluetooth), Spotify also has a "normalisation" option you can switch on.

  • Jeff Rehm commented
    6 Jul, 2021 04:59pm

    This would be a very much appreciated feature for those that frequently do international calls with various quality dial-in connections, etc. I have situations on a daily basis where one person is nearly inaudible - so I turn the volume up when they talk and then the next guy blasts my eardrums out.

    Implementation could be a simple volume icon for each user in the participant window, or a per-user right-click. Either way it should easily allow you to adjust the volume level ±12db in 3dB steps.

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