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Moderated Unmute Mode Accessibility and Privacy improvements needed

For Call-In users, Moderated Unmute Mode streamlines the unmuting of call-in participants by a host or co-host. This is very helpful for public comment in virtual commission or other public meetings.

But, Client users currently only receive a two-second pop-up visual warning -- no audible warning -- that they have been unmuted by the host.

Client users should ALSO receive the same verbal warning "You have been unmuted" or better "You have been unmuted by the host" that Call-In users receive, on Accessibility grounds for visually impaired users of Client access to meetings, as well as better protection for all users who may not be looking at the Client window at the time a host unmutes them.The beep / double-beep tone is not significant enough to be recognized.

The visual pop-up warning, should also (1) force a return to front / restore of the main client window, (2) remain permanently visible when unmuted by a host (or only dismissed by the client user). Here, for Accessibility of the Deaf / Hard-of-Hearing community (who are using the client with closed captions) need a static visual indicator that is more prominent than just a brief pop. Also the current pop can appear off screen depending on window position, so perhaps needs an OS notification or similar.

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  • Jan 20 2023