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SIP/ProxyPolicy/HeaderPolicy - Proxying of the Unknown headers on the C leg, even if its answered by MS like after waiting in queue

Issue: Broadworks - SIP/ProxyPolicy/HeaderPolicy - Failing for calls if they Queue against Call Centre

  • Custom/Unknown Header will be proxied to Agent, when Agents are available to receive the call, and the call is presented to them.

  • Custom/Unknown Header will NOT be proxied to Agent, if the call hits Queue and then presented to Agents when they become ready.

TAC Reference

SR 694839475 :Broadworks - SIP/ProxyPolicy/HeaderPolicy - Failing for Re-Invites – this ticket got details on scenarios and the logs.

TAC Update

“This is working as designed and explained in the "Cisco BroadWorks SIP Header Proxy Policies Feature Description" (, in section 2.1:
"SIP unknown(Custom) headers and option tags are proxied only when messages flow end to end without being converted or consumed. This precludes cases where response status codes are modified and SIP forking scenarios exist. The only exception is when the SIP message, request or response, is sent again, for example, a 183 is re-sent to audit a session. Note that re-sending is not a re-transmission.
The Application Server sometimes sends outgoing INVITEs for which there are no corresponding INVITEs, for example, to ring the calling party first following a Call Manager origination. These outgoing INVITEs have no unknown/custom headers.".

“In our case the call from A will be in answered state and connected with the IPCOMMS Broadworks Media Server, then a new INVITE will be generated by the IPCOMMS Broadworks Application Server to INVITE the Agent as soon as it will become available.
In this case, it not to be expected to have the unknown/Custom headers in the new INVITE” As per the previous updates and clarification by Engineering, if you want the AS behaviour changed please refer to your Cisco BW SE to evaluate this is a CR/FR or to appeal this answer.”

Engineering Update – recommendation for FR

The proxying of the Unknown headers on the C leg, even if its answered by MS like after waiting in queue.

  • Pete Shenton
  • Jan 25 2023