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Recipient's Calendar Time Zone

My customer would like his meeting invites to remain in his time zone when the recipient accepts the meeting/event invite.

  • Ebery Moore
  • Jan 26 2023
  • Already exists
  • Mar 6, 2023

    Admin response

    This is how scheduling should work today when scheduling from the Webex app Scheduler or when using tools like Webex Scheduer for Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar.

    Are you referring to when scheduling a meeting from the site? If so, the meeting details in the body does state the date & time of the meeting from the host’s time zone. We do not necessarily know the time zone of the the invitees, but the actually iCalendar and ICS (vCalendar) file does have the proper information when inserting into the invitee’s calendar. The meeting is saved in UTC with the RRule for recurring meetings which means that the Calendar client and system know how to display the meeting in the correct time for the recipient.