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Kindly remove max numbers of DID that can be assigned to call queues, AAs, hunt groups

We have clients that has more than 10 DIDs assigned to an AA. With this restriction, we are forced to create another call queue that will just forward all calls to that AA. This makes a confusing design and therefore a confusing troubleshooting. Kindly consider removing the restriction please.

  • Lenima Wright
  • Jan 30 2023
  • Need more info
  • Lenima Wright commented
    31 Jan, 2023 03:42pm

    Good morning, Praveen,

    Thank you for the suggestion - But it's more for external reachability of the Auto Attendant where there are more than 10 DIDs that needs to reach the auto attendant externally. We did create another auto attendant that will either replicate the same auto attendant or forwards to the original auto attendant but it's more call hops that will make it complicated for other admin troubleshooting an issue.

    Client has more than 10 bank branches, with some branches having 2 DIDs - all numbers published on their website. All DID routing to an auto attendant because client would like to hear the AA first and 0 to contact center.

    Or they are requesting that all 100 spare DIDs will hear - "This is non working number - please press 0 for assistance" or just simply all spare DIDs going to the same auto attendant mentioned above.

    Please kindly consider.

    Thank you and Regards.

  • Admin
    Praveen Kumar Garlapati commented
    31 Jan, 2023 07:38am

    Hi Lenima, there are other options associated with Auto Attendant that might be of help. "Enabling extension dialing" or having another Auto Attendant pick up the DIDs needed > 10.

    Would any of those options work ?

    If not, can you please explain the use case and the deployment scenario that can provide some additional context ?