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Add the ability to edit the color of the "Join" button in ALL email templates

Currently, while editing the HTML of certain email templates, there is an option to change the color of the "Join" button from the current green (#00823B) to a HEX color of choice.

However, there are certain templates that do not allow users to make a change of the color of the button.
Affected templates:

  • Webinar invitation for attendees

  • Webinar invitation for panelists

  • Update for all panelists

  • Update for all attendees

In the affected templates, the button for joining is included as part of the variable iCalendar (%iCalendarSection%) so there is no separate element for the button and no option to change the attribute background-color.

It would be great if the option to edit the color of the button could be included for all editable HTML templates.

Use case: Customer would like to change the color of the "Join" button in all of the email templates to their own brand identity color. Currently they can only do this for some of the email templates.

  • Adriana Kaneva
  • Feb 8 2023
  • Future consideration
  • Mohammed Abu Ali commented
    30 Jan 10:27am

    + The ability to change the button icon size.

  • Isabelle Page commented
    19 Jan 01:33pm

    Hello, it is just a no go for us if we can't have our own branding! we will probably change provider and end this contract asap. All other providers have quite customer friendly solutions and it is easy to change. the platform is really not intuitive and I regret this choice. I really can't understand how Cisco Webex customers just accept that. How come this issue has not been escalated before? and just solved? it is just coding for a big company like webex. It is a shame.

  • Anthony Thomson commented
    7 Jul, 2023 01:41pm

    I agree with this sentiment, but I would also like to enhance the request that we should also be able to edit the text of the button. "Join webinar" may not be the most appropriate text for everyone in all cases. A virtual court may want "Join court proceedings", or a telehealth meeting with a doctor may want "Join medical appointment", etc.

  • USP-EMEA Account commented
    14 Feb, 2023 09:15am

    I tried adding some HTLM line items to customise the colour but it didn't show correctly and I am not a specialist, so some easier feature to customise button colours for all would be greatly appreciated. We have a number of webinars and meetings coming up, so if this could be expedited it would be wonderful.