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Webex App support on Open SUSE Linux distribution

Can we evaluate the feasibility of porting Webex App for Linux to Open Suse Distribution?
We have a number of public customers on UCM in EU that run Open Suse on their Desks or Laptops

  • Feb 13 2023
  • Need more info
  • Guest commented
    8 May, 2023 01:45am

    The current RPM almost works.

    The current RPM specifies that it requires "libXcomposite", but under OpenSUSE, the package is named "libXcomposite1". If you install libXcomposite1, it will prompt that it cannot find libXcomposite since the name is different, but since it is actually there, you can install Webex.rpm and select "break webex- by ignoring some of its dependencies". It generally runs as good as it would on any Linux distribution (that is, 'sort of OK').

    If the RPM spec file allowed either libXcomposite or libXcomposite1 as a dependency, it would install fine on SuSE and SuSE-like distributions (OpenSUSE/SLED/SLES etc). This would be a very small change, but it would expand it to many other distributions. Obviously, SuSE could put a provides in libXcomposite1 that is also provides libXcomposite, but they have decided not to at this point.

    Having a flatpack (or even a snap) would also allow it to work across other distributions.

    The main issue for me is feature parity. We still cannot remote control another user, and there is no chat. Those two things seem easy to integrate as they should be doable without using anything platform specific.