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Provide option to disable HG and Call Center forward calling information in the Webex client.

In the December 2023 client release Cisco decided to modify the way inbound calls sent through hunt groups and call centers are presented to the user. Prior to this change these calls looked like any other direct call displaying the original calling information. After the change Webex began prepending information pertaining to the HG and CC number to the calling number.

There are a few issues with how this was implemented:

The first issue is with the Webex Mobile app. When these incoming calls are displayed to the mobile user, all that is displayed is the prepended information, the original calling information cannot be seen and therefore the user has no idea who the original caller is. The second issue is that some customers simply do not want their Webex client behaving this way and the change disruptive to their workflow.

Cisco TAC has confirmed that they cannot change this behavior. Allowing this to be optional would greatly improve this feature.

  • Adam Baird
  • Feb 17 2023
  • Shipped