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API Consistency Between Control Hub and Devices

When working with multiple areas (specifically devices and Control Hub), there leaves a lot to be desired with respect to correlating data. One example is when you pull an xAPI MediaChannel status, you get a participantId, but this ID can only be used by TAC to correlate the user on that particular channel. Ideally this, or another field, would reference the userId in Control Hub so we could correlate what user was causing/impacted by that particular incoming stream.

Additionally, its very difficult to pull a meetingId from the device (almost impossible for a Personal Room Meeting) since its dependant on a number of factors. So seeing there is an issue with a unit, we have a hard time correlating the specific meeting information the unit was in (can search in Control Hub but that's not automated) nor the participants involved.

Finally, we need better consistency to gather data from all of these sources and correlate them together. The API's are wonderful, but the lack of consideration for the different use cases makes them frustrating as we hit deadends consistently when trying to build better tools that can help us solve problems.

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  • Feb 22 2023