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Clear cache through GPO

User would like to have the option to clear Webex app cache using GPO.

  • Feb 23 2023
  • Need more info
  • Chad Dodson commented
    15 Nov, 2023 02:31pm

    Brian, here is my thinking...

    There are circumstances where cache must be cleared to resolve certain issues even after a bug is fixed. One example is when the angle_disabled.dat file is created in the WebEx app cache due to hardware rendering issues. Assuming the customer wants to use hardware render (since they are not in a VDI environment) and the initials hardware render failure which resulted in the creation of the angle_disabled.dat file was due to a mishandled driver update, the only way to get the application back to hardware render is to clear cache. This must be done for every single user in the org that had the driver update.

    The above is just one example. In my time working cases in WebEx TAC (nearly 4 years), I have seen multiple occasions where customers have had to create a custom script that runs to either delete the CiscoSpark folder from their users machines to clear an issue locally. Most often this happens after a bug fix has been issued from our side but the old cache still needs to go.

    Having the ability to clear the WebEx App cache via GPO or via a command/option on control hub either per user or an option on Control Hub to force a cache clear on the entire org would remove the need for customer admins to create scripts like this. Cisco also has a difficult time creating scripts for the customer to use since they can choose their installation path, meaning we cannot create a one size fits all script for cache clearing in such circumstances.

    A command from CH to the WebEx app telling the app to clear its cache, similar to the "generate logs" command that can be issued to users from CH, would help this dramatically. It also prevents admins from needing to ask the users to do this action which adds delay in support.

    After the command is issued from CH the webex app could display a message stating "your admin has issued a cache clear command. The application will shut down in the next X minutes. Please note application settings such as compact mode will return to their default values after the cache clear. Spaces that have been favorited or categorized will not lose their status as a favorited space or their categorization under groupings you have assigned."

    For circumstances when the command is not successful in circumstances where the user's WebEx application is offline we should also include a "reattempt until user's next sign in" option. Chances are we may want to include some type of condition that would constrain the org wide cache clear push from Control Hub only to users that have been active within the last few weeks to avoid constant jobs running for users that are verified but have never signed in.

  • Brian Callinan commented
    9 Mar, 2023 03:57pm

    Please add ore detail on the paint point, use cases etc.