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Extended Away voicemail greetings should allow messages to left

The Extended Away voicemail is confusing to users. It should allow messages to be left, but should just have an expiration date.

  • Guest
  • Feb 24 2023
  • Wade Kappenman commented
    5 Apr 05:02pm

    Extended away greeting is very confusing to users in its current state. It would be a big help with there was an option to allow callers to leave a voicemail.

  • Zach Hargett commented
    28 Feb 08:45pm

    Let’s make this happen as it just makes sense.

  • Guest commented
    28 Feb 08:37pm

    +1 from me on this. I can see where this makes sense to still allow messages to be left.

  • Guest commented
    28 Feb 03:01pm

    Please allow for a voicemail to be left on the user's voicemail. Customers miss the basic greeting functionality and the IVR-like management of UCxN.

  • Guest commented
    28 Feb 02:56pm

    Need this for our customers. I have had several conversations with customers asking for this in Kansas City.

  • Matt Enghauser commented
    28 Feb 02:29pm

    +1 - this is a continual request from our customers both pre and post sales for this feature.

  • Scotty Turner commented
    28 Feb 02:31am

    +1 From me. This could be really important.

  • Joe Christensen commented
    28 Feb 02:14am

    This is an incredible miss on the Webex Calling platform. We need to be able to have these voicemail messages left at a bare minimum. I'd add to that the ability of setting up a DL to send these to other users during a maternity/paternity/extended leave.

  • Guest commented
    26 Feb 09:12pm

    Huge +1 from me. As far as I'm concerned, if someone is going to be away for an extended period of time and doesn't want to receive voicemails they should just forward their extension to somebody else that is available.

  • Jason Scroggins commented
    19 Dec, 2023 06:08pm

    This is a ridiculous lack of a feature. The whole point of a voicemail system is for the calling party to be able to leave a voicemail. I have partners that are setting their extended greeting unknowing that their clients can't leave them a voicemail now... This needs to be fixed ASAP.

  • Guest commented
    4 Aug, 2023 11:09am

    I support this as well. User's should be able to use this for Out of Office message and have the ability for callers to leave a message or 0 out to another number. Another headache is that once they set this they cannot check voicemail or disable this remotely because when you press * the call disconnects.

  • Guest commented
    24 Jul, 2023 02:32pm

    I support this as well for two reasons, first my staff set this up not knowing there is no option to leave a voicemail and second, when they do set it up, there is no way for them to check or change voicemail box remotely because when it is set and you press * to login, it just hangs up on you.

    The expiration would be nice but not as important as the ability to leave a message.

  • Adam commented
    26 Jun, 2023 08:55pm

    I also support this and but suggestions. Allow people the option to leave a voicemail and to let users set an expiration date. This was a widely used feature by us when we were on the on prem unity servers.

  • Amos Kraus commented
    2 Mar, 2023 04:42pm

    I agree Webex Calling voicemail lacks the ability to schedule greetings. Unity had that ability as well as closed, so users didn't manually have to update what greeting played after regular business hours. Please consider adding these capabilities ASAP. Thank you!