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Simplfy phone Re-assignment Process

Please simplfy phone re-assignment process from one user to another instead of deleting it from one user and add it again to new required user.

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  • Feb 27 2023
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    Alec Walker commented
    24 Apr, 2023 10:46am

    There are two approaches to this:

    1. With the newly launched Hot Desk feature, you have the ability to "assign" a device to one user, and then move the assignment to another user without re-registering the device. This capability will be extended with a default and long-term Hot Desk assignments.

    2. The other option on the roadmap is to move a device from one user (or workspace) to another. This is not on the short-term roadmap, but is in consideration for CY23. This would allow moving assignment and retaining much of the original settings.