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Microsoft outlook integration with webex teams application to view mails within webex teams app like messages

Integrating outlook with teams will help users to get emails and work on it from teams app itself, they dont have to check outlook application to see emails.

like messages, users can see email interaction betwen other users within outlook itself.

there will be a new tab calles "mail" like mesages, content in the top and on clicking the tab it will show up the received emails, send emails etc.

We have done a poc for the above using microsoft graph apis and webex messaging api,


  • Devadas Murukadas
  • Mar 7 2023
  • Will not implement
  • Tom Straubmüller commented
    20 Oct, 2023 01:28pm

    There is an integration for gmail available as far as I know. Wouldn´t a better integration from data collaboration parts and realtime collaboration bring more acceptance to the Webex product overall?

    Comment: Easy question, why is Msft. Teams so successful with their product today? They combine both parts very well :-)

  • Admin
    Yessica Dupont commented
    16 Mar, 2023 03:23pm

    Based on current priorities and Webex brand guidelines we don't have a plan to deliver this in the next 24 months. However, if it can be tied to a specific deal and dollar amount please send details to Brian Callinan. A business case like this could help with priorities.

  • Sivakumar Palani commented
    15 Mar, 2023 06:16am

    The integration of Outlook Mails with Webex Teams aims to improve communication and collaboration between team members by providing a seamless experience that allows users to easily access their email and communicate with colleagues in real-time.