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[API]Provide Webex API Versioning in API and in Control Hub


We would like Webex Control hub and Webex API to provide us the current version of the Webex API (by organization).

And also display this Webex API versioning in

Currently, we can see that your deliver patches but this is important for developers to have different behavior of their application depending on the Webex API release.

If we do not have this versioning, it will result as problems, issues on customer side, and consequently insatisfactions of Webex customers.

fyi, linked discussion on this topic is also here:

I can see here, that Webex API seems to have a versioning, but it is internal only.

To complete this request, we also need to understand how you are deploying new API minor/major/patch release on your several datacenters.

I imagine that the Webex api run on several web servers (one web server for each datacenter). You need to patch every web servers when you deliver a new release. And this upgrade could not be done on all web servers of all Webex data centers at the same time. So it means that customers could have different release of the Webex api at the same time.

Thanks a lot for you help

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  • Mar 7 2023