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User Experience enhancement

1 - Need a way to better organize, sort, or group together Teams and Spaces.

2 - Would like the ability to group together Direct messages. For example, I could create a group of Alice, Bob, and Mary and call that group "My Team".

3 - I would like to have a better text editor for messages that includes bullets and more rich text features.

4 - The ability to better control, mute, pause, or stop WebEx calls from ringing on my phone.

5 - When I video call someone and share my screen, I lose the ability to see the chat with that person until I stop sharing. This makes it hard when working with someone, they send me a link to load, so I have to stop sharing, see their chat, click / copy the link, and then re-share my screen.

6 - Be able to set a one time or a recurring alert when someone becomes active or goes inactive or is no longer presenting/sharing their screen, etc.

7 - Be able to schedule a message to be sent in the future. This is helpful when I work early mornings or late at night and I want to send someone a message, but doing so would alert them. Instead I could schedule the message to reach them at a specific date/time.

8 - Be able to record audio and send it versus having to record outside and then attach.

  • Anjali Misra
  • Mar 9 2023