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Option for displaying team name before space name, not after

Some of the teams at my org are configured with an official Webex team, some are not. Webex creates an un-editable "General" room for all Webex teams, and this space name appears before the Webex team name. As a result, my Webex spaces are very annoying to visually parse when I'm scanning the list and trying to find a specific one. It looks like this:

  • (Team A)

  • General - (Team B)

  • Specialized space - (Team B)

  • (Team C)

  • (Team D)

  • General - (Team E)

If I'm looking to open the space for any of these teams, I need to look in 2 different places for the effective space name due to these un-editable "General" rooms. This would be made a lot easier if there was an option to display "(Team) - (Space)" instead of "(Space) - (Team)". So the example above would look like this.

  • (Team A)

  • (Team B) - General

  • (Team B) - Specialized space

  • (Team C)

  • (Team D)

  • (Team E) - General

A lot of other users have requested the ability to rename/remove the "General" space that is auto-created with a new Webex team (WXCUST-I-373). That issues was opened Jun 17 2020, so obviously it is not easy to implement. If this display option is easier to implement, it would largely solve this UX pain.

  • Gavin Sidebottom
  • Mar 23 2023
  • Future consideration