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Alternate (Temporary) Greeting for Auto Attendant

- Difficulty Managing Multiple locations - Multiple AA's

- Useful for Emergency closings, Mid-day office events, Ad-hoc changes

  • Also useful on user mailboxes as an added feature since only 1 recording can be uploaded and stored in the system at a time.

Beneficial for those who have multiple AA's to update if office is closing early or if there an emergency closure at 1 or more locations. There is no need to go back to each location and change the greeting back to the normal greeting. If the office has to shut down mid-day, set the greeting, let it run for the specified time period, then automatically revert back to the normal greeting.

Admins would only have to make this change once at the time of the request or event and not go back to reset the recording back to normal a second time once the temporary event is over.

Alternate greetings should work like a holiday schedule. We should be able to set a date/time. Instead of a holiday schedule, it would just be a temp schedule that could be used and allow a greeting to be attached to it that is separate from the standard greeting.

Currently, I am going into the holiday schedule, adding a "Company Event" or " Temp Closing", updating the recording to play the temp message, then when it is over, I have to change the greeting back to the normal greeting because there is no option for a secondary or alternate greeting. I can't have 2 separate greetings queued up at the same time.

This would be a nice feature add that would make more efficient use of time and planning.

  • Guest
  • Mar 24 2023