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Webinar "invitation source" to easily confused with a regular meeting invite

Being able to have different Webinar registration links for different sources is such a great idea and provides really valuable data. However it is hard to set up and confusing for the different invitation source humans to understand what the call to action is.

On adding an invitation source to a Webinar, the invitation source receives a Webex-branded email that is too easily confused for a regular meeting invite. I find the invitation source typically clicks on "Register" to register for the webinar themselves, instead of promoting the event to their network as intended.

If Cisco persists with sending email notifications to each invitation source, the content of the message should better describe the call to action.

Something like:

"[Webinar host] has created a dedicated registration link for their upcoming Webinar: [Webinar name], which they would like you to promote to your network ..."

... and then include the dedicated registration link in the email body instead of showing it as a Register button.

I find that invitation sources will not simply forward on the Webex registration email as this lacks context of what the source is promoting the event. As they would craft their own correspondence, suggesting the link be copied by the invitation source - instead of clicked on - would be the best experience.

  • Braam Smith
  • Apr 3 2023
  • Future consideration