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Webinar "invitation source" should facility bulk creation by Host

Further to WXCUST-I-12553, and looking to improve the invitation source feature of Webinars ...

To work around the issue raised in WXCUST-I-12553, I have the invitation source email for my webinar sent to ME for all sources, and then - using a separate email that I draft - I notify each promoter of their dedicated link and request they promote to their network.

When setting up a Webinar, I typically have about 10 different promoters. As the invitation source ID that I enter into the webinar form is not included in the invitation source email that is sent, I cannot be sure which invitation source email relates to which invitation source ID. I cannot rely on the emails being received in my inbox in the same order as the sources were created.

To work around this, I have to create one invitation source, then wait for the corresponding email to arrive so that I can harvest its registration link, then repeat that procedure for each invitation source.

As I am going to send my own email to my promoters with instructions and their own registration link, it would be better if:

a) Creating invitation sources in the webinar settings did not send an email

b) Rather, there was a way of exporting to CSV/Excel all the invitation sources created for a webinar

c) I could then mail-merge or otherwise be in complete control of the calls to action I ask of my promoters.

For example, using this approach I could much more easily send one email to all my promoters with everyone's registration link included in it. It is in each promoter's best interest to use the correct link, but they will recognise that the promotion request is coming from me (not Webex) and I am in full control of the message.

  • Braam Smith
  • Apr 3 2023
  • Future consideration