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Add Task or Action Item Reminder on Teams with a collapsible or pinned frame.

I use Webex teams for all communications, setting up a meeting, checking the calendar, basically everything.

Currently i use other 3rd party applications or outlook etc to set up a task list or add quick remiders. And clear off once done.

It would be better to have something like a quick add of tasks/reminder/ActionItems and likewise an easier way of clearing off the same.

This will be useful if one needs to directly add a chat/message directly to the tasks list by the more options seen for each message, like the reaction or forward message we see now.

so bascially one stop for all tasks or reminders, even tag an action item from a space or room to this, and track all under one window.

  • Ashwin Anand
  • Apr 3 2023
  • Planned