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Join E2EE meeting from web app

Attendees cannot join an E2EE meeting from web app by follow this limitations:


Webex Meetings web app known issues and limitations

memo:The Meetings web app isn’t available in meetings that have end-to-end (E2E) encryption enabled.


Unfortunately, so many end users can not install Webex and other apps of their company security policy.

Those users can not use E2EE meetings even if they want to use them.

We would appreciate it if can join the E2EE meeting from a web browser.

  • Kai Wang
  • Apr 5 2023
  • Will not implement
  • Aug 6, 2023

    Admin response

    Although we would like to add the ability for the Web client to join an E2E Encrypted meeting, it is technically not possible with the current WebRTC standards.

    E2EEv2 meetings use SFrame to encrypt each Video & Audio packet. The problem is that WebRTC standards do not allow the application to access a packet but can manipulate a frame of video. A frame of video is usually split across multiple IP packets. Therefore since we can only access the frame and not the packet WebRTC is incompatible with E2EEv2 meetings. It is technically possible to support with audio-only since a single frame of audio can be contained in a single IP packet but does not make sense to add only the ability to join without any video or screen sharing content.