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iOS Focus Filter Integration

iOS Focus Filters allow a user to filter notifications from specific apps when a Focus mode is enabled. For example, if a user has a work Focus enabled, they may filter out events from a family calendar. In a Webex specific context, a user may want to filter messages from specific conversations or specific contacts when a Focus is enabled, rather than be required to change their notification settings for numerous spaces and contacts repeatedly. For example, a Webex user may want to filter notifications from all Webex spaces and contacts at night EXCEPT for those from or involving their manager or a tech lead. Alternatively, there may be just one space or conversation that you want to continue following after hours, such as for an active incident. The existing Webex option of Do Not Disturb can be used similarly, but mutes all notifications.

Apple has provided an API so that third party apps can integrate with these filters. Focus Filters are a relatively recent addition to iOS, coming out in September of 2022 with the release of iOS 16, and they now give Webex an excellent opportunity to offer in-depth, time-based notification customization for all of its iOS users, especially when compared to many of its main competitors which may not have this feature yet. Apple has, however, already implemented a similar feature for their own iOS-specific messaging app, iMessage.

This feature is also applicable to macOS, which has Focus Filters as well.

  • Rees Braam
  • Apr 10 2023