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DNA Center - 2 node cluster

Most mid sized companies do not have the money to purchase all 3 DNA Center nodes at one time, that is a huge investment to make. Usually you start with a single and slowly build it up until you reach all 3 nodes. Why does adding the 2nd node give no benefit to the cluster. It actually causes more issues because you can't upgrade the 2 node cluster without breaking the cluster and reimaging the 2nd node.
Shouldn't the customer get some load balancing with the 2nd node since if a node in a 3 node cluster fails the 2 nodes do load balance until the 3rd node is restored.

I would like to suggest having the 2nd node add some benefit, and can be upgraded, in a 2 node cluster.

  • Apr 14 2023
  • Kevin Kehnen commented
    7 Sep, 2023 09:23am

    This is not a collaboration topic?