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Allow Cohosts to start a poll and in Webex Meetings

Currently Cohosts cannot start a poll in Webex Meetings. To help Hosts focus on hosting the call, we would like to enable Cohosts to start polls on their behalf.

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  • Oct 12 2020
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  • L. J. commented
    14 Sep, 2021 03:08am

    Is the above description still current? This feature is very much needed for those of us working with large groups.

  • Eli Gelber commented
    23 Aug, 2021 05:16pm

    I just had another Customer ask for this. This should not take 10 months and counting. Please implement this feature asap

  • Guest commented
    20 Aug, 2021 06:14pm

    How has this not been implemented yet? Please, it's a job to get my presenters to be able to share their screens right, I can't ask them to also learn the polling controls.

  • Luca Di Nicola commented
    3 Jun, 2021 03:00pm

    Using Webex meeting desktop application the organizer (Host) can designate a Guest user as co-organizer (coHost) after the session is active.

    Why it's not possible to do the same via API?

  • Scott Collins commented
    19 Mar, 2021 08:44pm

    Yes, please add this capability for cohosts. Host is too busy presenting to worry about polls and Cohosts can provide a much needed service by assisting with polls. This would enhance each meeting.

  • Guest commented
    9 Feb, 2021 04:34pm


  • Guest commented
    9 Feb, 2021 12:05am

    Definitely would appreciate this feature to be added.

  • Andrea Fredrickson commented
    8 Feb, 2021 11:15pm

    Yes, this feature is very much needed. Some presenters aren't techy and can't navigate the polling.

  • Guest commented
    8 Feb, 2021 12:35pm

    This would be incredibly helpful - takes way too long for the presenter to turn the ball back over, start the poll, then turn it back over to the primary presenter...

  • Tony Nguyen commented
    26 Jan, 2021 07:36pm

    Please make this a feature. Or have the ability for the host to give polling privileges to cohost while the meeting is in session.

  • Guest commented
    12 Jan, 2021 12:29am

    Yes this feature would be very helpful!

  • Guest commented
    6 Jan, 2021 08:05pm

    Agreed, it's a real hassle to try to do everything - what's the point of a cohost if they can't do anything