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Disable notifications for incoming calls for Webex App on iOS

Allow teams on IOS to disable incoming calls notifications for the app similar to what is on Windows/MAC/Android as per this document:

  • Eduardo Brambila Lozano
  • Oct 13 2020
  • Shipped
  • Sean McQuade commented
    20 Mar, 2023 04:42pm

    Are there any plans to do a complete block of notifications so that users can choose to not receive any alerts for incoming calls?

  • Martin Green commented
    26 Aug, 2022 01:40pm

    This does not work as our users would like. It doesn’t stop all notifications on iPhone, just audible ringing. Banners, pop ups, vibrations and missed calls still occur, which is different to the behaviour on other platforms and distracting for users.

    Since moving from Meetings and Jabber to the Webex app, many users have asked how to prevent all notifications of incoming, work calls in the Webex app on their personal iPhones and not just audible ones. As it stands the toggle in the app does little more than putting the phone on silent.

    While the push notification mechanism was no different for Jabber, what is now different is being signed in to phone services in Webex (as a result of the combination of Jabber and Webex meetings in one app) automatically. This prevents the users from having choice. Some used to just sign out of Jabber to stop getting calls/notifications, but they cannot do this now as they need to be signed in to Webex for meetings notifications. We do not think signing out is the solution anyway, what would be better is the ability to opt in and out i.e. a "stop receiving calls on this device" option that signs you out of inbound notifications/APNS on the specific device, but doesn't prevent you making outbound calls if needed. This way the user would not be notified in any way of inbound notifications on iPhone. The users who are asking are typically handling inbound elsewhere, on another devices such as a PC or deskphone.


    P.S. Other customers describe this well in the feedback here

  • Seongho Hong commented
    1 Jul, 2022 07:09pm

    Hi, this feature has been just added to our Webex beta program. Please try it and provide your feedback in the beta program. If you haven't sgined up for the program, you can go to to start your enrollment.

  • Seongho Hong commented
    20 Jun, 2022 12:45am

    We are actively working on planning to deliever this feature. Will share the deails once committed.

  • Guest commented
    17 Jun, 2022 01:15pm

    We have numerous execs complaining that they are unable to mute ringing for webex calls. This is an option on Android mobile, it would be wonderful to have it added to iOS so that our iPhone users have the ability as well. Please prioritize this!

  • Guest commented
    19 May, 2022 01:06pm

    This feature would be really important! Users do not want to completely turn off notifications of messages too.

  • Guest commented
    25 Apr, 2022 01:53pm

    Please Allow IOS users to remove call notifications from WebEx App. I dont want all of these calls in my recent call list on my personal phone.

  • Charles Henson commented
    19 Apr, 2022 02:12pm

    This is a major oversight. Why NOT have this option in IOS when it is available on desktops and in Android? Please add this feature ASAP. I do not enjoy four devices ringing in my home office because I use the messaging but can't selectively disable the calls.

  • David Lanham commented
    6 Apr, 2022 02:54pm

    Having just been migrated to Webex from the Office UC app by our VOIP provider I would say this feature is a must have. It was a simple toggle off/on on the old app.

  • Khaled Amin commented
    29 Mar, 2022 05:46pm

    Please prioritize this, there is no way to stop this at all and it's not ideal. Thank you!

  • Vladimir Zitta commented
    29 Mar, 2022 05:43pm

    Hi, when will be this feature delivered?

  • Guest commented
    17 Mar, 2022 02:59pm

    deleting webex from phone because these alerts suck and cannot be disabled

  • Guest commented
    21 Jan, 2022 02:47pm

    10/2020 and still not working as expected, gonna remove webex from my iphone because of this

  • Dean Tuttle commented
    5 Jan, 2022 04:30am

    Even better if calls could be placed on a schedule or work off of availability (during working hours)

  • Wade Hunter commented
    20 Nov, 2020 09:03pm

    Our users are asking for this. Many want to have Teams on their phone for messaging, but don't want to be bothered by calls, especially after business hours.