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Transfer the host role from the device automatically to one of the cohosts once they join if the actual host is not in the meeting.

Currently, when a user joins a meeting from a cloud-registered endpoint before the host or the cohost, the device takes the host role, and will keep the host role unless the host joins the meeting. It will not pass the host role to a designated preset cohost entering the meeting subsequently.

The customer would still like the existing behavior to occur, where cloud-registered endpoints can enter the meeting without entering a PIN and receive the host role if it joins before a host or cohost. The suggestion would be to assign the host role to the first designated cohost who joins the meeting after the cloud-registered endpoint automatically or receive a prompt to reclaim the host role without entering a host key.

Sometimes a regular attendee will join the meeting from a cloud-registered endpoint, and they will unwittingly become the meeting host. This presents a security risk as they will keep the host in control of the meeting, which can cause disruptions to the meeting.

In the customer's case, the meeting host did not attend the meeting, and the video device joined the meeting before the cohost and received and kept the host role. While the meeting was still ongoing, the regular attendee(s) who joined the meeting using the cloud-registered endpoint left early and accidentally chose the option to "End meeting for all" instead of just the "Leave meeting" option causing the meeting to end unexpectedly for everyone.

This issue wouldn't have occurred if the host role had been passed to the cohost or removed from the video device after the cohost entered the meeting.

  • May 19 2023