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Webex Control Hub Alerts Clear or Disable


Control Hub reports issues for room systems and desk devices that are fully functioning and otherwise healthy. These issues cannot be cleared or acknowledged in a meaningful way.

This creates a perception that an otherwise healthy system requires attention or is in a failed state.

These issues are then reported in health checks to leadership and then must be explained.


Allow partners/customers to customize alerts for devices or clear/acknowledge alerts in Control Hub.

Exmple issue/alerts that our customers tell us are problematic:
Audio Delay
Monitor Audio Delay
Ultrasound Pairing May Fail
AudioPairing - self token not decoded

  • Guest
  • May 20 2023
  • Guest commented
    24 Jan 10:59pm

    Amazon also has issues with the mentioned errors showing up on our fleet when devices are behaving as expected and would appreciate a way to turn them off.

  • Guest commented
    22 May, 2023 03:26pm
    Ultrasound pairing alerts and monitor delay are two that come up the most here at Seattle Children's Hospital. If an additional config was created that disabled Ultrasound and pairing features all together, that could give CH the info needed to disregard the alert(s). Thanks