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Allow users to update their profile photo when using Directory Connector

My organization currently uses Directory Connector to upload AD accounts to Webex. However, we do not currently store user pictures in our AD.

There is an option to point the Avatar in Directory Connector to a location of stored photos, but this is a hassle for both supporting it and the users.

We would like to request to have a switch in Control Hub to Enable whether the Profile picture is controlled / synced by the Directory Connector. If it is not Enabled, then it could be updated by the User.

Another option would be using the Avatar configuration in Directory Connector being set to Not Enabled, it would allow the ability for the users directly upload their own photos in the Webex App the same way as if we did not use Directory Connector. Or, if it is Enabled, would overwrite any current user uploaded photo in Webex.

  • James Brock
  • May 24 2023