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Allow Hunt Group Agents to Handle More Than One Call

We have agents that are primary agents and some that are overflow. We would like to have the primary agents receive two or more calls to their phone before rotating to the overflow agents.

I have worked with support on different ways to accomplish this. Our only solution was to add a second user (which uses a license) add their extension number to the primary agent. This works ok on a physical phone, but the desktop applications cannot access that second line since it is a different account.

I tried setting the second user's line to forward all calls to their first line. That worked if someone dialed that extension, but not in the hunt group rotations.

I think if we could set the number of calls an agent can take before rotating to the next agent would be a possible solution. Being able to assign the agent to the hunt group multiple times may even be better. The latter option would allow the calls to be staggered between primary agents before rotating to any overflow agents.

  • Dennis Perkins
  • May 30 2023