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Meeting durations needs to be obtained via report or at least like the way we see call durations.

With recent updates now I can not see meeting durations on "Calling" menu. It was a critical feature because there is no reporting tool that shows my durations I spend for each meeting. I am working remotely and I was using this information to post my timecards for each project I am working in.

Simple solution: Durations can be visible on Meetings menu like the way I see call durations.

Complex solution: It would be nice to have a report tool that works on a selectable time interval at Personal Insights;

-how much time I spend for "meetings" and "calls"
-how much I messaged with my colleagues (character count or start end time of conversations)
-It would be nice to put hashtag to allocate meeting hours on each project so that I could be able to report total time based on those hashtags.

  • Tansu Tekin
  • May 30 2023
  • Guest commented
    23 Jun, 2023 12:14pm

    After update I am also not able to see duration of meeting I had participated like it was in the past. I am all for to return such feature when you were able to see meeting duration in "Calling" menu. It can be somewhere else, but I need to find a way how to check it different then asking host to tell me.

    Its really needed for reporting of work load etc. to get info how much time I had spent on a meeting.