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Make visible when a Call Que call is differted from a different Call Que because of overflow within the caller ID

When a costumer has more cal Ques, for overflow it`s nice to differte calls between call Que`s so that other agents can pick up. But for those agents it should be visible that the call is coming from that different Call Que.

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  • Jun 8 2023
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  • Robert Gardner commented
    1 Aug, 2023 02:35am

    We have the same issue. Calls not answered on Queue 1 overflow to Queue 2. When the agent answers the overflowed call, the agent thinks it was direct to queue 2, as that's what's shown on the phone display. There is no way for the agent to tell that the call was originally for Queue 1.

    This causes major issues for us, as we have geographically spread branches throughout Australia using Webex Calling Queues with overflow. A customer in Canberra may call our Canberra branch, but it then overflows to our Sydney branch. Our Sydney branch answers the call and thinks the customer is in Sydney. Meanwhile the customer thinks they are talking to our Canberra branch. Our Sydney branch tells the customer to come to the branch to pickup the equipment they purchased. The customer drives to the Canberra branch, but they don't know anything about it as the equipment is in Sydney, 286km away.

    If Webex Calling was able to alert the Sydney Branch that the call was originally for the Canberra branch then this problem would have been averted.

    Please enable this visibility on the phones so that agents can tell where the customer called.

  • Admin
    Praveen Kumar Garlapati commented
    13 Jun, 2023 07:33am

    Please detail the scenario and how the redirection information is used by the agents.

    Is the ask that both the original call queue and the forwarded call queue both are displayed in the call redirection or only that the original call queue is displayed ?