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Provide a way to bulk upload announcement files

I can see 2 options:

Option A (preferred):

It would be nice to be able to use a CSV + ZIP to upload announcement files. If you have hundreds of announcement files, it's tedious to have to select them one by one an assign them a location and name.

A CSV with 3 columns (location, name, and WAV file name) would allow us to present a ZIP full of WAV files whose names are referenced in the CSV to attach each one to a location and provide a name for it in WxC.

Option B:

Let us select all the individual files and upload them as a group (or allow a single ZIP). Then list them out on the screen with a location drop-down and empty name field next to each. Then we could input all that info on a single screen instead of having to go through a short wizard for every single WAV file one at a time.

  • Kyle Rogers
  • Jun 8 2023