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Create/Provide a "custom" greeting that can be scheduled by a subscriber in Cisco Unity

Our team are working on a request from the business to front end messaging in voicemail when our Sales Team are in their Wednesday weekly huddle. The idea is that during this window callers will hear a greeting prior to routing into that individual Team Members mailbox. We have explored various options but have run into walls when it comes to a comprehensive solution. Here’s the call scenario:

  • On Wed the Sales Team has a huddle that includes Brokers

  • The ask is set a message that plays to callers during this time directing folks to attend the Huddle.

  • After the message, the caller should be able to leave a message for their original called party.

Typical Call Flow

Inbound Call to Account Executives via Cube -> CUCM hit CFNA/CFB condition -> Unity Play Greeting -> Leave message.

Request Call Flow

Inbound Call to Account Executives via Cube -> CUCM hit CFNA/CFB condition -> [ Check Time/Day – Route to X – Play Message] - Unity Play Greeting -> Leave message.

We considered options in Unity.

  • We considered sending call to a Call Handler

  • We can send through a call handler that plays the message.

  • We cannot direct to the original called party’s VM box.

The Unity Scheduler will only accept Standard, Closed and Holiday. If there was a “custom” that could be used as a condition that could help

If the direct route had the ability to front end with a message and then pass call to the original subscriber call that could help

Other greetings like Busy and Internal are not programmable.

We considered sending call to PCCE.

  • We can send there no issue.

  • We can play a message that provides the content.

  • We cannot send the call to the original called party VM box.

The only alternative would be to use an existing script but there are bypasses in place for these which could negatively impact the outcome.

Curious if we can have a new greeting that can be used as part of the scheduler and/or manage multiple Custom Greetings (Custom 1, Custom 2, etc.).

  • Guest
  • Jun 26 2023
  • Guest commented
    26 Jun, 2023 06:55pm

    To clarify, in PCCE we can solve for most of this, but it's not a scalable solution in the current set without using PCCE. Using a Call Handler does work, but we have a variable length Extensions tied to these Subscribers and have 2 large Unity Clusters with HTTPs Links between them. To get to work in Unity is using hundreds of Call Handlers and won't scale.