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e911 - Allow call back to hotel/hot-desked user

Currently when a user is hot desked or hoteled, and they originate a call to emergency services, the calling number presented to PSAP is the original number of the Workspace or the assigned user's number on the hoteled device. If the call is interrupted, the call back from PSAP does not route to the calling hotel/hot desk user. This has several catastrophic consequences.

  1. if the device is hot desk'ed, the number is unregistered in webex calling and emergency services gets forwarded to voicemail or a reorder tone

  2. if the device is hotel'ed the call back goes to the original owner of the phone, which if they are logged in elsewhere via webex app, or physical phone, they will receive a call back from PSAP and be confused as to the reason for the call from Emergency services.

In either case the original caller is unable to get the help they have called for.

  • Guest
  • Jun 29 2023
  • Darren Smith commented
    24 Jan 02:35pm

    Has this been addressed yet? This is a serious life/safety issue.