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Allow Webex Series owners to see "Registered" for all webinars in the series, regardless of Host

Use case

  • Someone creates a Webinar Series and add Contributors.

  • The "series creator" becomes the Owner.

  • Contributors add webinars to the series, setting Registration to Required.

  • Added webinars have the 'creator' as Host and the Contributors as Cohosts.

  • Series Owners need to see how many people have registered for all webinars in the series.

Problem statement

  • On the Webex Series page, the owner can only see the registration numbers for webinars that they have added themselves and are webinar hosts.

  • The registration numbers for webinars added by other contributors are not visible on the series page.

  • The owner can click on each individual webinar hosted by others. As the owner is also a cohost of these other webinars, they can see the registration numbers in the individual webinar setting. This requires multiple clicks and is time-consuming.

Suggested solution

  • Give the owner visibility on the webinar series page of the registration numbers for all series webinars, regardless of whether the owner is the host.

  • Add an on-demand report that shows on a single table the registration numbers for all webinars in a specific series.

  • Guest
  • Jul 4 2023