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Change Type and Notifications for Greeting messages

In some countries and regions, there is a cultural practice of sending daily greetings such as "Good Evening," "Good Morning," "Hello," etc. While these messages are well-intended, it can be challenging for management to ask people not to send them, as it may hurt individuals who value this tradition. Additionally, in large audience settings like Webex spaces, not everyone may wish to receive these messages.

To address this issue and reduce unnecessary notifications, the proposed feature aims to recognize such greeting messages and treat them similarly to system messages. These greetings would be displayed in a gray font with a timestamp, resembling a log of online presence. Moreover, the feature should allow for configuration both at a global level by administrators and locally by individual users.

Examples of such messages include "Hello," "Good Morning," "Good Evening," "Bye," "Have a good evening," "On lunch," and so on.

In summary, the feature aims to handle cultural greetings more discreetly, decreasing notifications for those who prefer not to receive them while respecting the cultural norms of those who enjoy this practice.

  • Aleksandr Frolov
  • Jul 26 2023
  • Future consideration